These scripts use MapReduce to query, process, and extraction of behavioural information from the captured data in the database.
Each of them have instructions on how to launch the script, and they all rely on the constants from MapReduceConstants.js file to get the database path, name, event names and the index of the Web site to be analysed.

Experiments: Behaviour inference from low-level data, Pre-Processing of low-level data

An appropriate capture tool solution was necessary to support long-term analysis of users' behaviour.

Experiments: Capture solution

Experiences in verbalising visual art to a blind gallery tour at The Lowry Art Gallery.

Experiments: Audio Describing Visual Art

The aim of SAGE is to develop research techniques that will enable us to work towards our long-term goal of understanding how people interact with multiple devices. At present, however, no methodologies exist which enables us to investigate just where attention is focused on each device. This project, therefore aims to develop a research methodology, based on eye-tracking, that will allow us to monitor people’s attention as they watch TV and interact with a second screen.

Contributor: Andy Brown

ID: 2

Experiments: Autumnwatch Pilot, Autumnwatch free experiment

Users are given several authoring tasks to do in the lab. As a result we collect data from eye-tracking, the authoring tool (Protege) and questionnaires.

Contributor: Markel Vigo

ID: 5

Experiments: Lab setting: task driven ontology authoring patterns

Contributor: Markel Vigo

ID: 7

Experiments: No Experiments

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