The implementation of our proposed approach with C programming language is provided. All the materials and data used for the evaluation of our approach can also be found in this repository.

Contributor: Sukru Eraslan

Lists of interactions with the tablet from each participant in the study. Each touch was recorded, with the time, the effect (1 -> successful; 2-> correct action, but didn't have desired effect (e.g., touch not recognised by iPad); 3 -> invalid action (e.g, attempt to swipe)), and a note on what the action was.

Contributor: Andy Brown

Remotely captured interaction data for the whole experiment.

The interaction data are stored in a single JSON file
(experiment2-userEvents.json), and the data for individual
participants must be separated. The following timestamps are the time
the clip started for each participant:

sessions = {'P01': '2014-03-11,09:18:04:795',\
'P03': '2014-03-11,10:18:09:943',\
'P04': '2014-03-11,10:46:50:195',\
'P05': '2014-03-11,11:10:03:137',\
'P06': '2014-03-11,11:58:49:421',\
'P07': '2014-03-11,12:53:27:058',\

Contributor: Andy Brown

Contributor: Markel Vigo

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