This .zip file contains the eye tracking study documents (Information Sheet, Consent Form and Questionnaire), the pages with their visual elements, and the trending scanpaths identified with the first, second and third groups of participants for the browsing and searching tasks. The full detailed sample run is also provided.

Contributor: Sukru Eraslan

This .zip file contains the experiments’ data including the materials (the saved versions of the Apple, Babylon, AVG, Yahoo, Godaddy and BBC web pages, information sheet, consent form and questionnaire) and the individual scanpaths in terms of the visual elements of the web pages. It also includes the average, median, standard deviation, minimum and maximum similarities between the trending scanpaths of the entire group and the 100 random subsets of each group size on each web page for the browsing

Contributor: Sukru Eraslan

The materials, task descriptions and eye tracking data are available in this repository.

Contributor: Sukru Eraslan

This repository includes the documents of our eye-tracking study conducted with people with autism and neurotypical people on different web pages.

Contributors: Sukru Eraslan, Victoria Yaneva and Yeliz Yesilada

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